Yeefung Technology on CCTV In-depth programme

At 8: 30 pm prime time on February 22, CCTV2 broadcasted Chinese parking phenomenon, taking a field trip to YeeFung’s intelligent three-dimensional parking garage and robotic parking garage,  interviewing experts and the public, and comparing the solutions to parking problems between  China and Japan.



In order to broadcast this parking program and present Chinese parking equipment technology, the Government's certain policies and the public demand for parking, CCTV recently went to Jiangsu Nanjing to shoot on-site and personally experience the intelligent three-dimensional garages of the People's Hospital of Jiangsu and the local government, and the P + R robot parking garage in Nanjing Confucius Temple and the like, which are all Yeefung’s large projects-- the world's most advanced projects.


YeeFung provides a comprehensive range of parking solutions, including plane parking, stacker-cranes parking, parking tower and platform-lit parking products, which has been taking the lead in the domestic high-end products market, solving the parking problems and promoting a green, low carbon, and sustainable development of the city. These products are also warmly welcomed in North America, North Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other dozens of countries and regions, making made-in-China products more impressive to the world.

Shenzhen Yeefung Robotics Co., Ltd., as a wholly owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Yeefung Automation Technology Co., Ltd., not only created the world's first laser navigation comb-type parking robots, but also turn the scientific research into reality, including the opening and operating of the world's first AGV parking system in Nanjing Confucius Temple metro station, and the multiple AGV parking garage projects developed both at home and abroad. However, Wu Hao,  CEO of Yeefung, does not happily stop here. He is dedicated to build Yeefung into an example for made-in-China intelligent products embraced by the world through continuous innovation and delivering more technology products, to become an enterprise with more sense of social responsibility that will take human life to the next level.



The policies to solve the problem of public parking continue to come out. The State Council issued "the recent work emphasis and division of labor to speed up the construction of urban parking lots " from the National Development and Reform Commission. In terms of timing, it means “immediate”. As to the urban parking problems, the Ministry of Housing and the Ministry of Homeland issued "on the further improvement of urban parking lot planning and construction and land policy " notice. Without altering the use of land and reducing parking spaces, less than 20% of the ancillary commercial area can be developed. The so-called ancillary commercial area means when the parking lot is under construction, certain ancillary commercial facility can be built as well, such as gas stations, convenience stores and other facilities, which will result in more income sources of the parking lot, and make the public parking easier in the meantime, attracting more social capital into the parking lot construction management industry. Also, the Notice states that the new construction projects that exceed parking construction standards and the new parking lot that is open to the public, can be rewarded a certain capacity rate . As to the underground parking lots that exceed parking construction standards, the land price of the exceeding part the will not be charged. The Notice also made it clear that the vacant land and stock land can be exploited to build parking lots.

2017-03-23 08:53:39