Platform-Lift (PCY)

Platform-Lift Parking System combines advantages of Shuttle-Lift, Stacker-Crane and Parking Tower. It is ideal for modern urban car parks. Platform-Lift parking allows horizontal and vertical movements simultaneously, hence significantly improves efficiency, average retrieval time reduced to 90s per vehicle. A typical parking level stores 6-14 vehicles, with a typical maximum height of 16 parking levels, average footprint is reduced to only 1.2m² per vehicle.

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Parking Procedures

Follow instructions to stop

into a transfer cabin.

All personnel vacate the transfer cabin

and confirm parking request to start storage process.

A conveyor transfers the vehicle onto a vertical reciprocating platform (VRP).

The VRP moves vertically

and the conveyor moves horizontally

simultaneously to a vacant space.

The conveyor transfers the vehicle

to the parking space and returns

to the VRP to complete the storage


PCY Platform-Lift
Parking levels
Optimal parking capacity
100 parking spaces/system
Compatible vehicle dimensions (mm)
Laden weight (kg)
≤ 2,800
Average retrieval period
120m² ~ 340m²
Conveyance system
Conveyors per system
1 per VRP
Power consumption for vertical movements
22 kW
Power consumption for transverse movements
2.2 kW
Vertical movement speed
Transverse movement speed
Identification element
IC card/QR code/PIN/mobile APP
Power Supply
3-Phase AC380V/50Hz
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